Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Northwest Flower & Garden Show

hello!!!! i am not sure there is anyone who still reads this but i was told by my sons and mfc that they like to come back to the blog to walk down memory lane....borrow pictures to show friends etc. so i decided i better post every now and again....at least for them :) 
so....it has been almost 2 1/2 years since i have posted anything here....it has also been 2 years since i went to the garden show.....it seemed fitting that because i was able to go this year i should share it!
it has been a long 2 years for us....we all really struggled after baby O left us. i have wanted to share about him and our experience fostering, or one of the many other milestones, struggles, joys of life we have experienced....but the timing never seemed quite right. i still may do that, but today i am posting something lovely.....

this was the show's 30th birthday, so every display had some type of birthday wish. this one had an actual dinner party and it was just beautiful.

yellow and orange was the color that seemed to be the trend ..it was everywhere! i am not a huge fan of either color, however it made for some lovely, bright displays on a grey day.

their displays never disappoint

this is fabulous! 

i hope this post finds you all well....i have to say, it feels good to be back...i just have not been able to get into the swing of Facebook or Instagram....

happy 2018


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